Premium "Clickable" Domains


What Are They?

Think of premium domains as prime real estate. Just as location is a key determining factor for the value of a piece of property, the location of a website has value as well with not all domains created equal.

First off, the shorter and more generic the URL, the more likely it is considered a “premium” domain. So domains like “food.com” or “cars.net” are more valuable than “billysfoodtruck.com” or “donsmithusedcars.net”.

Second, they need to be memorable. “12345.com” might be short and generic but is it memorable? Well, if you’re in Schenectady, NY, then yes, it would be because that is your zip code. Therefore, this domain would be prime for someone looking to market in this area.

That brings us to our third point: you can have a localized, niche domain and it still be considered premium. For example, StLouisPizza.com is localized and targeted at a subsection of the food industry but is definitely considered a premium domain.


Why Do I Need One?

As much as your website visitors might use Google or another search engine to find your content, many people still skip the search engine completely and type in a domain name they believe will take them to a relevant website.

What will they likely type in?

A premium domain.

Premium domains are also "magnetic" on search engine results and PPC especially when the domain(keywords) apply to the search term.

Premium domains can help you with SEO with domains that contain relevant keywords often ranking higher on search engine results.


Who Has Them?

Short Answer: Anyone.

Long Answer: A lot of the gTLD (generic top level domains) were either snatched up years ago or have been purchased at a steep premium by larger corporations since then. But don’t fret! There are still ways for you to get your own so keep reading below!


How Do I Get One?

If you are a local business that has a very geo-targeted audience, you may very well likely be able to find a premium clickable domain that is available to you by registering the URL on any domain registrar.

However, there is a good chance that the perfect premium clickable domain name is already taken. If that’s the case, you may still be able to purchase it at a (premium) price!

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